Matthew 25:40
"Truly I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

Back in March 2004, I was gifted with a desire to create a line of biblical dolls that could be shared with children around the world - a way of sharing God's unconditional love and hope for each and every one of us by sharing Christ's journey through those who played a role in His Life.

My dreams to create these dolls over the past ten years has been guided by a spirit of resolve and an unwavering determination to bring this dream to life. When we are humbled by the knowledge that if God's hands are on our dream, then nothing can limit us.

The trials and glory of this dream were possible with the steadfast support of several people close to my heart … 

Jim - my husband and my support
Ryder - my daughter, my heart
Cooper - my son, my spirit
Trace - my son, my soul
Bob - my father and buddy
Ted - my creative partner and visionary
Robert - my creative partner following in his father's footsteps
Ginger - my sister in Christ
Brad - my adopted son and defender
Robin - my dearest friend and encourager
Lynn - my dearest friend and encourager
Ida - my friend and inspiration
Kay - my friend and voice of hope
Matt - my brother and friend
Brian - the closest I will come to knowing a true disciple of Christ
Lou - an angel and friend
Cornelius - my friend and fellow dream maker

Our goal, through the sales of these dolls, is to support children's ministries around the world. For every seven dolls that are purchased, we are committed to donate one doll to programs, hospitals, schools, orphanages, camps and missions dedicated to serving and spreading Christ's word of love and hope. We pray that you will share in our dream and be a part of this journey. 


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